Why Exhibit

China-made brightens homes worldwide. A powerful trade link for global outreach.

HOMELIFE EXPO Global series exhibition is committed to the home gift industry to the world, to create an efficient business docking platform, so that made in China light up the global home life. Over the past 15 years, Hedian's global high-quality buyer resources and rich overseas market operation experience have helped more than 200,000 Chinese enterprises to go global.


With "data-driven digital exhibition" as the core, it gives full play to the advantages of digitalization, professional platform and internationalization. Enable the Chinese supply chain system to connect with the global market, to create a professional high-quality HOMELIFE international home gift series global exhibition.


In 2024, HOMELIFE will hold 13 series exhibitions in 10 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Poland, Germany and Japan, covering 5 series of theme exhibition areas: household daily necessities, kitchen goods, outdoor leisure and sports goods, beauty care products, gifts and office supplies.


HOMELIFE focuses on the deep coverage of countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", RCEP member countries, Central and East Africa, the Americas and Europe, building a bridge of trade for Chinese enterprises and overseas buyers, and helping Chinese household and life series products manufacturing and brand enterprises continue to go to the world.

Cooperative Association

Organizer: MEORIENT

【The vice president unit of China Exhibition Association】

【One of the first batch of key contact enterprises in China's exhibition industry designated by the Ministry of Commerce】

【A member unit of the research group for the 13th Five-Year Development Plan of the exhibition industry in China 】

【The first overseas exhibition company in China to obtain certification from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry】

Zhejiang Meorient Commerce&Exhibition Co., Ltd (Meorient, Stock Code:30095) was established on June 30, 2010, with a registered capital of 100.16 million yuan. The company has subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and other locations. It has a workforce of over 700 employees. As the first and currently the only exhibition organizer listed on the Chinese capital market, Zhejiang Meorient Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. is widely recognized as the "Number One Exhibition Stock" in China. The company has been dedicated to using exhibition services as a means to actively respond to the national "Belt and Road" initiative. It aims to create a global exhibition marketing service platform that caters to the needs of Chinese manufacturing, with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, independent operations, and a global presence.

Serving Chinese enterprises


Series of brands are present in

18 international markets

Data-Driven Digital Specialty Exhibition

Quality builds brands, service wins market share.

6 Unique Services Pioneering Global Advantage


Industry Summit Forum

On-site forums will focus on the digital economy and new retail consumption trends in the international gift and home products industry, delving into hot topics such as trend analysis, cross-border trade, live streaming e-commerce, and emerging markets. The event will also feature the release of industry reports and provide opportunities for face-to-face exchanges with prominent enterprises.


New Product Releases & Bestseller Displays

Display a selection of popular, innovative products from top-notch exhibitors across various categories, adopting a curated recommendation approach that seamlessly guides purchasing businesses through the process of "observing trends, seeking services, and selecting products." Implement comprehensive marketing strategies both online and offline to showcase and promote the carefully chosen products throughout the exhibition.


1.2M+ Buyer Database

With over 20 years of dedication to global exhibitions, we have amassed a database of more than 1.2 million buyers. Our extensive network includes multiple branch call centers across several overseas countries, providing 24/7 rapid response. We precisely invite targeted buyers to attend the exhibition and conduct meticulous follow-ups to verify procurement information.


Online Expo Empowerment: Precision Buyer-Seller Matchmaking

The exclusive O2O hybrid model of Online Expo integrates offline-online interaction for people, goods, and venues, centering on physical exhibition scenarios. It realizes precise matching between merchants and customers, efficient product communication, and extends customer acquisition cycles through self-invitation, self-selection, and self-pickup features. This model has already facilitated accurate matching for hundreds of thousands of merchants and customers.


12 Integrated Online-Offline Marketing Strategies for Full Market Coverage

Online full-media matrix promotion combines with local teams' offline appointments with key buyers, press conferences, outdoor advertising in CBD areas and wholesale markets, offering over 12 types of exhibition marketing plans. These efforts ensure 360-degree all-round exposure for the exhibition.


100+ Dedicated Show Service Consultants Ensure Hassle-free Participation

A seasoned team of 100+ customer service professionals assists exhibitors in handling multiple stages of tasks, such as visa applications, logistics, and travel arrangements. They answer questions regarding pre-show, during-show, and post-show matters, providing dedicated one-on-one support throughout the entire process, ensuring smooth and stress-free participation in overseas exhibitions.

On-site Highlights