The International Homelife EXPO focuses on the internationalization of Chinese exhibition brands. With years of overseas market operation experience and an accumulation of industry resources, the exhibition has served over 200,000 Chinese companies, helping them connect with global markets and establish the Homelife brand in 18 international markets, particularly covering “the One Belt, One Road” and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership countries.

The exhibition is organized by Meorient International Exhibition and co-organized by Turkish Household Products Association(ZÜCDER), Turkish Kitchenware Association (EVFED), Randburg Chamber of Commerce&Industry, South African National Chamber of Commerce, Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur of Association, Indonesian Retail Merchants Association, Polish National Chamber of Commerce, Polish Import and Export Chamber, Mexican National Self-Service and Department Stores Association, Mexican National Cosmetic Industrial Association, São Paulo Shopping Circuit Association, Dubai Chamber, Indian Chamber of Commerce, and Indian Pen and Stationery Association.

The exhibition covers a wide range of products, including household,kitchenware,gift and office products,beauty and personal care products,outdoor and sports products and so on. The international household and gift market offers tremendous business opportunities and unlimited development prospects, attracting nearly 20,000 high-quality buyers from around the world to each exhibition. The International Homelife EXPO builds a digital exhibition platform through an O2O innovative mode to facilitate trade partnerships between Chinese companies and overseas buyers.

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